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Home Workshop of the Abandoned Elder Mercy of Jesus

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    Contribute to the protection of the elderly and the sustainability of the Foundation and Home for the Abandoned Elderly La Misericordia de Jesús, through the social and productive inclusion of the elderly, through the creation of a home-workshop where beautiful handmade details will be elaborated , guided by local artistic communities, and sales through social networks.



    The needs of the unprotected older adult are of a different nature. The scope and coverage of the policy for the protection of the elderly has not yet been reached as a way to build a social fabric against the dignity rights of this vulnerable population.

    It is important to implement social strategies that contribute to a better quality of life, according to ‘Mission Colombia ages’ in Colombia the relationship between the poverty rate in the national total and that corresponding to those over 65 years of age, apart from representing more than double of the difference (19.51% of the national rate and 44% that of people over 65 years of age), allows us to conclude that in Colombia the highest rate of poverty is present in the adult population in May, than in other countries of Latinamerica.

    We have understood that the attention to basic needs such as food, shelter and health is a priority, without leaving aside the importance that on a psychological, emotional and functional level that the elderly adult continue with a relatively normal life and feel productive, thus favoring a active and dignified aging.

    Crafts are a great alternative that provides benefits for older adults at this stage of life, if certain parts of the brain that deteriorate over time are stimulated with exercise. On a psychological level, labor inclusion makes them improve mental well-being, in addition to improving memory, attention, concentration and even strengthens the sense of alertness. On an emotional level, artistic and manual activities allow them to feel satisfied when they see what they are capable of doing.

    In addition to these benefits for the mental and physical health of the elderly, income is generated that contributes to the sustainability of the home by supporting their basic needs.




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